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Probate (learn more)


Here to guide you through the grief.

When an individual passes away, their loved ones may face a variety of legal challenges that arise from a need to sell real or personal property, administer a trust, or transfer assets.

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Estate Planning (learn more)


Here to help you plan for both life and death.


There is a misconception that estate planning is synonymous with planning for death. 

While estate planning does consider specific wishes for your assets after you pass away, it is also about the management of your financial and medical needs while you are still alive.

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Guardianship (learn more)


Here to help you care for your loved ones.


Guardianship is sought when an individual does not have the ability to care for their own personal and/or financial needs and someone must be appointed to legally make decisions for them.

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Other Services (learn more)


Here to help you with your legal needs.


In association with our primary practice areas, we offer a variety of additional legal services.

Real Estate Law

Business Law

Family Law

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